This Is The Best Midsize Truck From Europe

Mid-size trucks have been hot in the automotive world for decades. They’ve been going for over a century, in fact, with many being popular during the First World War.

One brand that has made some pretty great trucks in their time is the German team at Volkswagen. The automaker has made its fair share of mid-size trucks in its time. From the Volkswagen Atlas to the Amarok, the German manufacturer has a pretty keen eye for detail when it comes to creating convenient and powerful trucks.

The Volkswagen Amarok looks to be a pretty hot and exciting mid-size truck for the European market. With an incredibly powerful and demanding audience, Volkswagen is due to release a new Amarok in 2023. Until then, we can continue loving the Volkswagen Amarok, which we believe to be the best mid-size truck from Europe.

Let’s take a closer look at the Volkswagen Amarok and why it’s the best European mid-size truck.

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You Can Purchase The Volkswagen Amarok In Two Styles

2021 VW Amarok

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Volkswagen first introduced its Amarok to the European market in 2010. Since then, multiple more models have been released, which have seen multiple upgrades to improve its spaciousness, power, and performance. A mid-size truck is one that a driver hopes to rely on. With the Volkswagen Amarok, you won’t be short of trust.

The Amarok is available in two styles, a single or double cab. Both feature a double-wishbone suspension at the front and leaf springs at the back for ultimate comfort. These models are also available with two driving options, a rear-wheel drive or a 4motion four-wheel drive.

The 4motion four-wheel-drive option is a trademark feature from Volkswagen. It simply means that all four wheels are permanently engaged, and the distribution of power to all four wheels becomes active before wheelspin occurs. This option is pretty awesome for those who want the car to be totally reliable and safe.

Yet again, the Amarok is available with two engine options. The team at Volkswagen really shows that they want their customers to be satisfied with the various options to personalize your mid-size truck. Customers can either enjoy turbocharged gasoline or turbocharged direct injection diesel engine. The petrol option offers a 2-liter I4 TSI engine, while the best diesel engine boasts a 3-liter V6 TDI CR. In terms of power, the diesel engine is, of course, more powerful, with a maximum of 221 hp.

For the 2020 version of the Amarok, Volkswagen ensured to keep their customer’s pockets and the planet in mind by reducing fuel consumption and making the engines more efficient. The new V6 TDI offers up to 23% more power and 28% more torque while also reducing carbon emissions and saving fuel.

Here’s What Makes The Volkswagen Amarok The Best Mid-Size Truck From Europe

2021 VW Amarok

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There are various mid-size trucks produced in Europe that have contributed greatly to the world of pickup trucks. However, none of them quite meet the standards of the Amarok when it comes to fuel efficiency. The older models can’t talk much, but the new 2020 Amarok offers much lower emissions than ever before. Plus, the new model set to release in 2023 is expected to be more powerful and yet even more efficient.

Not only does its fuel-saving abilities make it stand out as the best in Europe, but the fancy design isn’t just for show. Its black styling bar and black rear bumper with integrated steps make loading and restraining cargo pretty straightforward. The Amarok is an easy-to-use truck that’s super convenient for its customers. With this awesome VW, no longer will drivers and passengers need to struggle when loading and unloading the cargo.

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The VW Amarok Offers Good Value For Money

2021 VW Amarok

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With the rising market, the Amarok has just been pricier over the years. However, it is still of a very reasonable price. The 2020 Amark retailed for a starting price of $25,000. Newer models, such as the one releasing in 2022 or 2023, will maybe be a little pricier. Yet, the upgrades and newer features will make up for it.

If the Volkswagen Amarok gets any better, it will likely keep its position as being the best mid-size truck in Europe. Although VW makes some other pretty decent trucks, none come close to this great price and specification. Its engine options and suspension make the truck a smooth and straightforward drive. Its customer can rely on it and enjoy its functional design.

In our opinion, the Amarok has stood out from Volkswagen ever since its initial release in 2010. It has only got bigger and better. Any mid-size truck should be easy to handle yet spacious, and the Amarok certainly is.

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