How to handle insurance, water in the basement and car engines after Ida flood

What do I do if my basement flooded? How long does it take for flood water to recede? How do I pump water out of the basement?

These are just some questions many in Connecticut are asking after Ida left a wake of flooding and damage across the state.

Below are answers to some flood-related questions including ones about insurance, flood management and assessing storm damage. 

Does insurance cover flood damage in cars? 

According to State Farm, if a vehicle has been flooded, owners should first take note of the depth of the floodwaters in relation to the car. Don’t start the car, and dry it out as soon as possible. Car owners can file a claim with their insurance companies and a qualified mechanic determine the extent of the damage.

Once the inspection is complete, State Farm notes that the insurance company will “weigh the costs to repair the vehicle against the cost of replacing it.” If the car is considered a total loss by the insurance company, State Farm recommends reviewing next steps with an insurance agent.

What do I do if my basement flooded?

According to State Farm, you should first make sure electricity and gas are shut off before heading into a flooded basement to survey damage. Once these utilities are shut off, remove as much water as possible — anything more than a few inches may require a professional.

Next, State Farm recommends cleaning out the contents of the basement, placing salvageable items into a clean, dry place and throwing away anything that is completely damaged. Additionally, a professional cleaning company should assess what can be cleaned in the basement. 

An insurance agent can then help file the claim and determine whether coverage applies, according to State Farm, as well as what companies may be used to assist in restoration.

Nina Zatulini

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