10 Highly-Rated Accessories Under $25 Every Car Can Benefit From

Cars are fun and all but your daily drive can be so much better, and you don’t have to spend tons of money to simulate Rolls-Royce luxury. The fact is, you deserve a little something to spice up that car of yours, and these are ten things that we narrowed down from over 100 highly-rated items for your benefit.

Picture this; having a perfectly clean car all the time, no trash or crumbs or stains. What if it always smelled good, the kids and passengers were never bored, and you impressed at every car show? These ten things can be shipped to your door in two days or even found in your local Walmart, and they give you the biggest advantage when it comes to being a proud car owner! Of course, there’s nothing saying these wouldn’t also make great gifts for car guys, too.

An Air Freshener That Lasts 60 Days

Black ice little trees air freshener discrete hidden vent clip ac air long lasting best


You can certainly go out and find specialty air fresheners that last 6 to 12 months but the cost-to-use isn’t as good as this Little Trees invention, nor are they as discrete. These slide in between the vents and don’t look like trash stuck in the air ducts, nor do they hang in your field of view like old air fresheners.

Black ice little trees air freshener discrete hidden vent clip ac air long lasting best example


This one is on Amazon for just $11.16 and comes with four packs of four, for roughly a year and a half of use! We picked Black Ice because it tends to be people’s favorite and even mimicks a new car smell without upsetting people or setting off allergies. Our other recommendation would be “Vanillaroma.”

Car Trash Can And Organizer

Hotor trash can hd hires image amazon car organizer moutn seat headrest


Car trash cans aren’t just a great idea to keep your car clean—it’s also a subliminal message to passengers: “throw your shiz away!” Some take up value cupholder space or tip over the first time you turn, but not this one! This one only costs $12.99 and it’s more than worth it!

Hotor trash can hd hires image amazon car organizer moutn seat headrest cover zip velcro


When you attach it behind your passenger headrest or center console you can throw away trash without looking while driving. This one stands apart because it keeps smells contained, holds trash bag liner, and can even store other things in the side pockets! Overall it’s 7.9 x 5.5 x 10.2 inches so it fits in any car and even comes in tan and grey to match the interior.

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Subtle Mood Lights

LEd lights one interior car waterproof app music


LEDs are cheap to produce, so it’s not hard to find $5 kits from Wish that’ll leave you with free-hanging wires and stuck on strobe mode. This kit on Amazon is the highest rated online and includes a shutoff button at the cigarette lighter, a remote, and even an app control. One of the nifty parts about these lights is that they can be synced to music if you chose, and even be set to different moods.

Youtube interior car lights

via youtube.com: JJ Streetfighterjay

The wiring and controls are complete and discrete, able to hide in interior panels and be stuck to hard-to-see sides. Some people have even figured out how to use it with Echo Auto. If you happen to take your open-door Jeep through a river, don’t worry! The whole thing is waterproof and after all that, it costs just $19.99.

Cigarette Lighter 12V Vacuum

Baucatlan car vacuum stongest suck sucking best 12v cigarette lighter plug best 2020 2021 2022


Anyone who gets OCD every time they see those stupid little crums that always wedge themselves right in the little seams of the seat that can’t be easily removed will love this! Not all of us own a Chrysler Pacifica, so instead of a built-in vacuum, you can grab one for just $29.99. Yes, this does break our $25 limit but there are cheaper ones like this, they just don’t bring in the same ratings.

Cheaper vacuum 25 20 under best cigarette lighter 12v new suck flow filter water


It’s hard to find a car vacuum that doesn’t suck and sucks good… but this one has the best reviews and is the most convenient. For a 12V that plugs into your car, it has a higher flow than almost any other, and a 16′ cord means you can also clean out your engine bay if you had to! The vacuum is made for dry and wet conditions so shampooing stains are totally possible, and multiple heads are included.

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Steering Wheel-Mounted Tray

Fod tray car steering wheel


You may have heard of or seen these around, but trust us when we say it is totally worth it! It’s the right size to be kept by your seat and light enough to move around easily but still supports a 15-lbs laptop without hardly any give. That being said, it’s incredibly convenient to be able to just park and work on the laptop, especially if you travel for work or live out of your car.



One side holds cups so they don’t slip off, and the other has a slot for pens to rest so you don’t lose that other. The only downside would have to be that it doesn’t fit too well on excessively narrow steering wheels like on much older cars, but if you have a 1950’s Ford Thunderbird do you really want to be snacking in it? This simple tray is just $12.99 on Amazon.

Car Washing Full Set

Car cleaning kit amazon full set


You may have seen ads for sets of car cleaning kits; wax, wash, shine, tire cleaning, etc. but what about the hardware? This little toolbox comes with a dirt duster, microfiber sponge, big quick-dry towel, waffle towel for rearview mirror and windows, soft coral towel protect body painting, tire brush, wheel brush, double-sided window water scraper.

Car spnoge car amazon cleaning kit


Translation: Instead of paying hundreds a year for car washes you can fully clean your whole car and leave it streak-free using the microfiber cloths and towels for just $29.99. All this can effectively clean your car with a bucket of hose water and dish soap.

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Inside Car Detailing Kit

Car detailing kit inside


Everyone needs to get the inside of their car clean, probably even cleaner than your household tools can manage. This kit has brushed designed to hold soapy water to scrub leather, cloth, plastic, and anything you need to clean. Using them in combination with water and a little Dawn dish soap helps a lot.

Detail inside a car images


AmorAll cleaning detailing interior


As a bonus, there’s a small vent duster and brushes for tougher places like around gas pedals, inside of cup holders, and even in the engine bay! That said, this set is just $8.99. Another set used in combination is this Armor All spray set for $19.97 with tire foam, multipurpose cleaner, and glass cleaner. The only other thing we’d recommend is this window cleaning kit with spray and a wipe that reaches up under your windshield nicely for $19.99.

Five-USB Charger Port

5 plug  USB port for car most


If you’ve ever been in a car for more than twenty minutes with more than two people you’ve heard the argument; who gets to charge their phone and who has to learn to look around at the world? This is the most USB’s you can have from one cigarette-lighter port without blowing a fuse, and the way it’s set up is very convenient!

USB five plug for car red


Two USBs are intended for the front where you plug it in, and three more are at the end of a five-foot-long cable for the second or even third row! The three at the end are capable of clipping onto a seat pocket or back of a headrest so it’s easy to reach and not lose. This one is just $23.03 and comes in black, white, blue, and other colors.

Window Surfboard

Wind surf boards windeck toy fidget window idea car


This last one is more of a fun game, but being a passenger with this much entertainment is enough to keep any kid or adult entertained for a good part of a long car ride! For $12.99 you can get this mini surfboard that’s made to rest on your fingers are you surf it against the wind outside.

Windeck sufrboard amazon car toy fidget board kids wind


One side has a real grip so your fingers can stick on and even try tricks, and it even has little straps that hook to your fingers so you don’t lose it while you’re on the freeway! The deck is specifically designed to cut smoothly through the wind and be easy to control. Sure, you could try this with cardboard and a string but the novelty and passenger respect wouldn’t be included.

Registration and Insurance Holder

registration and insurance holder


Just like we learned in school, nothing is more impressive than well-presented homework, and the same goes for getting pulled over. Besides keeping your papers preserved, this folder eliminates the panic or even the possibility of losing your vital documents and risking a bigger ticket or even jail time. You may have heard of people getting off with a warning just because they had license and registration clean and ready.

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Insurance holder hd


This particular one is just $15.99 and was picked because its pockets have windows for insurance, registration, and even your license, as well as other pockets for health insurance or bribe money (bribery is illegal, don’t attempt). One other advantage is that kids or people who borrow your car won’t be lost if they get pulled over, either.

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